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Latin Name:  Commiphora Wildii 

Family: Burseraceae

Magical Indigenous Uses:

  • Purifying and Cleansing
  • Lifts Negative Mood
  • Grounding
  • Used in Ancient Kemet/ Egypt in a sun-rituals + ancestral veneration

  • Plant: Myrrh is a natural amber-coloured gum resin extracted from small thorny trees, that has been used as a perfume, incense, and medicine throughout history. The resin is steam distilled to release the essential oil with its slightly woody spicy fragrance. The trees grow naturally in Northern Africa, the Middle East and Namibia. The Namibian myrrh comes from trees in the North Western Namibian desert where the resin is wild harvested.

    Fragrance: Clean, mildly smokey, deep woody aroma. One of our favorites!


    Uses: Please do your own research as we are no longer allowed to state indigenous and cultural uses


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