Our Essential Oils are INDIGENOUSLY SOURCED and organically produced on small farms in the South African Cape Floral Kingdom.

We single source indigenous botanical species that are hand-harvested and steam-distilled, extracting the highest quality oil and are particularly precious because yields are extremely low. 

Our rich tapestry of South African flora is classified into 8 biomes, these being Grassland, Savanna, Succulent Desert, Nama Desert, Forest, Bushland, and Thicket. This exemplifies the great wealth of diverse plant species, as well as the many healing plants rich in essential oils.

The South African Cape Floral Kingdom, has a distinctive type of herbal vegetation found only on the southern tip of Africa. The plants used in our Simply Ancestral essential oils have been used for centuries by indigenous Africans within our healing practices and rituals to bring harmony to the body, spirit, family, and home.


Resource sustainability is crucial and great care is taken to ensure that any harvesting of parts of the plant do not negatively impact on the plants survival.

For all the plants that are used in the production of essential oils or other products extensive research on various aspects related but not limited to resource distribution, method of harvesting, potential offtake and traditional knowledge is carried out prior to any commercialisation.

Our partners also practice social responsibility by guaranteeing that any traditional knowledge associated with any plants is acknowledged, respected and protected. 

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Essential Oils

Our Essential Oils are INDIGENOUSLY SOURCED and organically produced on small farms...