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These powerful ritual cleansing bars feature the African Ancestral herb, imphepho! All are handmade with love and high intentions for purification, protection, spiritual cleansing, and ancestral connection. Made with premium ingredients, does not contain SLS, a synthetic lathering agent, all colorants are from herbs.


Original: Purifying. Brings in the Light. Dream Root


Made with Imphepho Herb, Goats Milk, Imphepho African Immortelle EO, Dream Root, other premium natural ingredients.

Mint: Spiritually Cleanses and Renews

Made with Imphepho Herb, Goats Milk, Helichrysm Gymocephalum EO Madagascar, Peppermint Eucalyptus EO Madagascar, other premium natural ingredients.

Charcoal Infused: Protection. Wards Off Negativity 

Made with Imphepho African Immortelle EO, Goats Milk, Helichrysm Gymocephalum EO Madagascar, Sacred Coconut Activated Charcoal, other premium natural ingredients.

Tobacco & Myrrh: Prayer. Protective. Cleansing

Made with Imphepho Herb, Namibian Myrrh EO, Tobacco Absolute, Imphepho African Immortelle EO, Goats Milk, other premium natural ingredients.

Palo Santo Blessings :  Palo Santo EO, Imphepho Herb, Inhlanhla Prosperity Isiswasho Blend, Imphepho EO, Goats Milk, other premium natural ingredients.

Supple Waters: Calming Emotions, Flexibility, Nourishing Skin Care :  Moroccan Blue Tansy EO, Blue Camomile, Imphepho Herb, Blue Isiwasho, Imphepho EO, Goats Milk, other premium natural ingredients. 

Imphepho Lavender : Local Organic Farm Distilled Lavender EO Honey Imphepho EO, Isiwasho, Imphepho Herb, Goats milk. other premium natural ingredients.

Buchu Bush : Intuition, Heart Healing

According to traditional South African San folklore, Buchu’s fragrance carries the herb’s medicinal powers to the body through the ears, nose, mouth, and skin pores, encouraging one’s interior body to be in the "right place"

San herbalists used Buchu not only to alleviate ailments but also to awaken the body by opening the senses. As hunter-gatherers, the San needed to have a heightened awareness; the ability to remain still and receptive to their surroundings. This potent energy mediator was used in aromatherapy and rites.

Buchu, Basil, Rosemary, Imphepho Herb,  green Isiwasho, Imphepho EO, Goats Milk, other premium natural ingredients. 

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