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Latin Name:  Helichrysum Patulum

 Spiritual Indigenous Uses:

  • Ancestral Plant

  • Inhaled for headaches and to get rid of evil spirits

  • Helps to clear pineal and crown for clarity

  • Supports peaceful sleep and dreams


Plant: This small, rounded, soft aromatic shrub let has grey foliage with strongly honey-scented summer flowers. The top of the leaves are grey, covered with small soft hairs, while the underneath and stems are densely covered with white woolly hairs. Its fragrant flowers attract pollinating insects especially bees. It grows on sandy flats and coastal dunes and inland on south-facing, lower mountain slopes of the southern Western Cape. Its yellow flowers are common to all Helichrysums hence their name derived from the (sun) and (gold). The species' Latin name patulum means ‘spreading’ or ‘wide open’ referring to its growth habit.

Uses: Please do your own research as we are no longer allowed to state indigenous and cultural uses

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