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Bush Honey Eye Drops 10ml

Bush Honey Eye Drops 10ml

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Cancerbush & Medicinal Raw Honey (Ethically Harvested)

Zulu people call Cancerbush: Insiswa - "the one who dispels darkness"

Pure Raw Honey is medicinal, nature's elixir for many imbalances:
honey's superpowers are: anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties; it significantly reduces eye irritation and inflammation and kills bacteria, combined with its soothing abilities it is an effective ally for several eye conditions

Our intention is to invite you into seeing life with a clear vision of truth & wisdom. From the physical to spiritual, it helps clear your mind and energies to obtain a new lenses of perception 

Honey Refreshes and Energizes Tired Eyes

Honey naturally gives a stinging sensation to the eyes that last for a few seconds. Take this time to breathe and listen to some sacred sounds until you feel complete. Use a piece of cloth & cool water to remove any stickiness from your eyes & face.


  • Use your bush honey drops daily. 1-3 drops once a day with intention.
  • honey can reduce eye irritation and inflammation and kill the bacteria, causing the problem. 
  • Store in a dry cool space or in the fridge; Shelf life is 3-4 weeks.
  • Eyedrops can be used for 21days straight then taking 1-2weeks off for integration 
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