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Latin Name: Artemisia Afra

Magical Indigenous Uses:

  • Heart Opener
  • Used as a love charm
  • Assists in letting go emotionally 
  • Helps to release stubbornness and parasitic energies

    Family: Asteraceae​ 

    Common Indigenous Names: Zengana (S Sotho), Lengana (Tswana), Umhlonyane (Xhosa), Mhlonyane (Zulu),  

    Plant: This soft aromatic multi-stemmed perennial shrub, with its soft greyish-green feathery leaves, is indigenous to the mountainous regions of South Africa and derives its name from the Greek goddess Artemis. 

    Fragrance: Super sweet herbaceous aroma and slightly woody

    Uses: One of the oldest and best known indigenous plants, type of artemisia wormwood and is still used effectively today in South Africa by people of all cultures.

    Please do your own research as we are no longer allowed to state indigenous and cultural healing uses 


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