African Ancestral Medicine
Imphepho: African Ancestral Medicine
Imphepho: Ancient African Plant Medicine & Herb


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A smudging herb that is an important plant to the shamans of Southern African or Sangoma’s. The smoke is used in ritual to invoke trance and to speak with the ancestral guardians. Perfect for your Ancestral Altar! 

It is said that Imphepho was the first plant medicine to be shown to the Sangoma healers of South Africa; once they had established a relationship with Imphepho, it guided them to other medicinal herbs.

Uses: Please do your own research as we are no longer allowed to state all medicinal, indigenous and cultural uses

Magical Indigenous Uses:

  • Rituals to invoke ancestors
  • Ancestral Offering
  • Brings clarity and calm mind with intention
  • Fumigate sick rooms
  • Calming
  • Skin nourshing

    * All imphepho varieties that we offer work very well for ancestral practices.

    Mountain Gold: Is more abundant in yellow flowers and has a beautifully strong aroma when burning. 

    Mountain Sliver: Has a slightly sweeter scent and works well for anxiety and insomnia. 

    Water Imphepho: Is a rare imphepho species that grows near the rivers and seas. Great for harnessing the energetic vibration of water.